Tipsy Berry Tarts

Tipsy berry tarts

I love these little treats, it’s a great party appetizer. Plus there’s alcohol in it, you got love that.

1 package of mini phyllo shells
1 – 8 oz package of light cream cheese
16 cherry
16 strawberry
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup of cherry noir grey goose
1/4 cup vanilla  yogurt
2 tablespoon of powder sugar

Mini phyllo shells

Soak berries in cherry noir grey goose

Pre heat oven at 350 Bake shell for 5 mins and remove.
In a small bowl  place clean berries {leave stems on cherry}and pour grey goose and soak for an hour.Take softened cream cheese and put in bowl ,add yogurt, vanilla and sugar. Take 2 tablespoons of grey goose from the soaked berries and stir.The juice will add a little color, drain the rest. Take a spoonful of the mixture

and place in the shells, top it of with the berries and serve. Enjoy.


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