Cinnamon roll pull-apart loaf

Cinnamon bun pull-apart loaf


It took me awhile to actually figure out what to call this. There are a couple of  names for this treat, monkey bread, pull apart loaf. You can call it anything it’s gonna be yummy.

What you need: 1 regular size loaf pan
                           1 Pillsbury grands cinnamon roll

Pre heat oven 350 and butter loaf pan

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

Cut in small pieces

Layer smalls pieces 

Let sit  just a couple of mins
gooey cinnamon pull-apart loaf
Open and separate so you have each roll individually. Cut rolls into smalls pieces, place a couple of pieces in the bottom of the pan.{the dough will rise} Repeated layers . Bake in oven for 20- 25 mins. Let set for 4-5 mins.{ You want to serve warm} Pour icing on top and enjoy.

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