Sunday night dessert: Snickerdoodle trifle with french vanilla pudding

Snickerdoodle french vanilla trifle

I hoped everyone had a good weekend. It’s a very busy weekend for me, so much is going on.
 Early Sunday night dinner : Pot luck
I”m a big sports fan so I have to cheer on the Yankees today. Friends and are coming over and everyone is bringing a surprise dish.
Sunday night dessert: Snickerdoodle Trifle with french vanilla pudding.
Usually trifles have cake or fruit in the layers. But when I came up with this recipe I wanted it to be simple.
The snicerdoodle and the french vanilla goes very well together. Hope You like it. Enjoy.

Sunday night T.V round up:

Amazing race: It was so heartbreaking, amy, a double amputee {legs} came in last place to check in at the pit stop.
Revenge: Victoria had corand,{ husband} who was shock and upset she was still alive, beat her up and blame on the white haired man. All to get charlotte’s money.
666 Park ave: A lot die and disappear in this building and nobody wonders why.
The real Housewife of N.J: Nobody believed joe, teresa’s  husband, that he was talking to a guy on the phone. Well, maybe his mother and teresa.
Homeland:Poor carrie, she overhears saul wondering if she is capable of the mission she about to do, and starts freaking out. Brody is invited, in room filled with officials,to a live  feed capture of nazir. Once he realize whats going on, he sends a text’ MAY 1′ to nazir and nazir hauls ass out of there. He’s in way, way too deep.

Chopped snickerdoodles

2 boxes of french vanilla instant pudding {follow box directions}
1/2 of  teaspoon of cinnamon
15- 20 soft  snickerdoodle cookies chopped
1 cup of white chocolate chips

Make pudding according to directions on the box. Then in a large serving dish{ or single serving as in the pic} place a good amount of the pudding as the first layer. Sprinkle a layer of chopped snickerdoodle cookies{chunky pieces} Repeat until you reach your desired layer. Top layer sprinkle the chopped cookie and the crumbs, white chocolate chips, and the cinnamon.          

Layer of french vanilla pudding
Second layer with snickerdoodle

Top layer, crumbs and chopped snickerdoodles. Cinnamon and white chocolate chips.
chill and then ready to eat.



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