Funfetti cookie pops

Funfetti cookie pops. 3 Different sizes

This is a fun kids treat. Halloween is in a few days and you can make this with your kids. It’s fun and easy they will love to decorate the any way they want. I like to make 3 different sizes: small mouth , med mouth, large mouth. You can let the kids choose which one is for them.

All you need:
Decorating funfetti sprinkles
Wooden sticks
Sugar cookie dough {see sugar cookie recipe}
Or Pillsbury funfetti sugar cookie mix
You can also add frosting

cookie dough

Insert sticks
Let cool.  Then you can add what ever you want.

I made 3 different sizes

Preheat oven 350. Form  dough into balls, place on cookie sheet. Spread dough balls  apart and insert sticks. Bake for 8-10 mins. Then let cool.
You can decorate with frosting and then sprinkle candies on top. Have fun with it. 


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