I’m back.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. Hurricane sandy destroyed most of the Rockaways and left many people without a place to live, power or heat . Some still don’t have power. For me and my family there was no damage to our home.{Thank you god.} We lived without power or heat for two and a half weeks. I love New York but, our mayor seem to more worry about the marathon and not helping the people who were without. Most of the media only showed wealthier areas of the Rockaways. I wish the mayor and the gov. of N.Y. should have watched and learn from Gov. Christie. I was not a fan of his but, he fought for his state, he demanded a deadlines with the power company and sanitation. My next post should be sometime this week.
I really missed it.


2 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. happy to hear you are getting back to normal; I am still overcome with wanting to be there to help people, as it is I am doing what I can from here in Portland Oregon. sending you peace and healing energy – I understand and completely agree with your views. these disasters unfortunately happen, it is how we collectively recover from them that matters.

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