Chocolate Covered Donut Holes

Delicious blink out chocolate covered donut holes

This is a easy recipe that I like to do for family functions. All you need is a can of flaky biscuits and 8oz. of melted chocolate. I like to do a donut hole bar with different toppings. {I will post them next week.} I blinged out my donut holes with gold sugar sprinkles.

16 oz. can of flaky biscuits
8 oz. of chopped chocolate or chocolate chips
2 cups of oil

Separate biscuits and cut into 3 pieces. And form into balls.

Fry until golden brown

In a deep fryer or 2 quart heavy saucepan heat oil at 350. Separate the biscuits, with one biscuit, cut into three pieces and form into balls. Lightly place 3-4 holes into hot oil. Fry until golden brown on each side, lightly turning with tongs. Place on cooling rack. Melt chocolate in microwave safe cup on high for 1 min. and stir until smooth. Dip cool donut holes in chocolate and place on parchment paper and repeat. Enjoy.


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