Delicious and easy Homemade donuts

Yummy homemade donuts

It  has been  a tough 2 weeks for for me. My computer crash on me 3 times last week. For  2 weeks I missed my Sunday night dessert. But I’m back today with goal for everyone to check out my blog.
Delicious and easy  homemade donuts. Truly love making these donuts for people . They love the fact that, you can pick your own topping . Making this recipe is a little different from the donut holes, but still easy.
1 can of flaky biscuits {3-4 cans if you a large group of people}
1/2 cup of oil 
med. frying pan
{different toppings of your choice}
My choices
  • cup of caramel
  • cup of butterscotch
  • hazelnut chocolate {Melted}
  • white chocolate {Melted}
Cut holes in biscuits
place dough in hot oil

watch it rise

nice golden brown

both sides

let cool on paper towel so oil can drain
Caramel glaze donut
{dip in caramel }

Butterscotch glazed cinnamon sugar doubt

White chocolate peppermint donut

White chocolate donut with chocolate drizzle

Hazelnut chocolate frosting with sprinkles

dip donut into caramel. And do the same for the butterscotch.
Remove biscuit from container, cut a hole or use cookie cutter, in the middle of the biscuit.
In a frying pan, pour half of the oil in pan. {You don’t want to deep fried it.} And heat for 2-3 mins. 
Lightly place dough {2-3 pieces } in the pan with tongs. Fry until golden brown on each sides turning with tongs. Place on paper towels to cool and oil can drip off. Once it’s cool you want to stack on a clean tray.
Place severing cup with your choice of topping on table with freshly made donuts. Get ready to party and eat . Enjoy.

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