Wine and chocolate

Wine and Chocolate Pairing
How to wow on Valentine’s Day
Resize winechocChocolate is a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, but if your sweetheart is watching his or her waistline, consider wine as an intriguing, sensual alternative. Or, better yet, why not wine AND chocolate?

Tread carefully, however, because chocolate is a deep, complex flavor that has the power to wipe out other flavors and make even the greatest wine seem hollow. This unfortunate fact recently lead our editor Karen MacNeil and her research team to conduct an extensive wine and chocolate study, using Napa Valley wines and Godiva chocolates. The Karen MacNeil team came away with some surprisingly delicious combinations. Read on for our favorites:

1. The acidity of a rosé cuts through creamy milk chocolate in a refreshing, delicious way, as with Godiva Milk Chocolate and BLACKBIRD “Arriviste” Rosé.

2. Godiva Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Hazelnut with a powerful yet balanced cabernet sauvignon, like GARGIULO “G Major 7” Cabernet Sauvignon, creates waves of richness and nuttiness.

3. An incredibly wine-friendly chocolate, the Godiva Milk Chocolate Fruit Fusion, pairs well with almost any chocolate. But what really makes it sing is a sparking wine like SCHRAMSBERG Reserve Sparkling Wine.

4. One of the most heavenly combinations was Godiva Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel with port. CHARBAY Port interacted with the chocolate to hit every note on the palate: salty, sweet, bitter, crisp, and savory.

5. You might find it odd that all of the combinations so far have been with milk chocolate. But contrary to popular belief, dark chocolate doesn’t work easily with wine because its bitter, complex flavors tend to steamroll over the flavors and complexities of wine. Luckily, there is a sensational wine strong enough to stand up to dark chocolate–syrah! Try the Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Godiva Extra Dark Chocolate “Santo Domingo” (85% cacao!) with SHAFER “Relentless” Syrah.


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