Homemade Chocolate Valentine’s candy

Homemade Chocolate candy for valentine’s day for under 10.00

Chocolate melts- 2.00-3.00

The molds 2.00-4.00
Box – go to the .99 cent store

 Make your own Valentine  day candy. If you’re a little short on money,this is will cost 6.00- 10.00 dollars.  Go to a local candy supply store for the mold. The molds will cost 2.00-3.00 dollars.
The chocolate melts will be a little more. If you go to a brand name store like michael’s the mold and chocolate will be a little more. Don’t get me wrong I love michael’s, but if you are on a budget it can get a little pricey. Go to the 99 cent store and you will find cute box to put the chocolate. Buy some sprinkles for a little decoration. 2.00 for 1.00 bows. If you buy heart shaped bow than it’s going to be pricey. But if you buy the molds with different shapes it will be cheap. 
If you buy store box of chocolates it’s going to cost you 15.00-20.00
My candy is Less than 10.00 dollars. Save that money or buy a better presents.

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