Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies

Cookie Friday: The Ultimate Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie

Do you want the ultimate soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie ?
Well this is definitely that cookie.
  T.J’s Ultimate Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie,
 is the first recipe I posted 1 year ago. {So anniversary to me !}
Name after my nephew, the self-proclaim 
cookie junkie, like myself.
I created this recipe for him, because, he wanted a cookie that was, soft, big, chewy, moist and delicious.
So , please enjoy this cookie recipe today. Give it a try, tell me if you like. 

Do you have a fab Chocolate chip cookie recipe ?
If you do contact me, and I will post it, during my “Battle of the famous chocolate chip cookies.” In two weeks.

Enjoy the weekend, 
and have a happy cookie Friday !

Preheat oven at 350
Bake 9-12 mins
Prep. time 1 hour 20 mins


2 1/4 cups of cake flour
2 cups of brown sugar 
2 cups of butter 
1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract or butter extract
2 large eggs 
1 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 baking power 
1 package of chocolate chips 
1 tablespoon of milk


1.Preheat oven at 350. Cream together butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Mix together well until creamy.

2. Add one egg at a time. Stir in flour, salt and baking powder. Mix until dough stiffens a little. Mix chips a little at a time. Chill for an hour

3.Shape into smalls balls, place on cookie sheet. 
Bake for 9-12 mins.or until golden around the edges, but soft in the middle.{ It might look slightly under baked}

4. Take out and cool. Serve when ready.

T.J. Soft and chewy Chocolate chip cookie
original recipe by Ty

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