My favorite Macaroons in the city

Welcome Macaroons lovers.

I went on a hunt for the best macaroons in N.Y.C. I did my research with Zagats, eaters and grub 
street. So a couple of week I went into the city,{and forgot my camera, i’am such a airhead sometimes.}
And went to work. Here are my 4  favorite picks.

The Best Macarons in New York City

oreo-macaron2DSC 3329

 Pick 1 :Francois Payard Bakery
The famous Chef Francois Payard bakery.{ My favorite chef}
The very best macarons in the city, at least to me it is. You can’t beat the prices here. 1 macaroons is $ 2.25.
the pastries and tart menu is so yummy. You must go, even if macaroons are not what you are looking for.

C 016

Pastries, Tarts & Cookies 
Éclair $4.25 
Le Gateau Roulé $4.25/sl. 
Le Gateau Voyage $4.25/sl. 
Signature Seasonal Fruit Tarts $4.50/sl. 
Lemon Tart $4.50 
Opera $4.50 
Sacher $4.50 
Chiboust Tart $4.50                                                                            
Cookies $2.50 
Individual Macaron $2.25

Pick 2   Bouchon bakery

Pick 2. Is one of my favorite Bakeries in New York Bouchon bakery.  This is on my favorite bakery list also. I have the cookbook, if i could live there I would.  Again the menu here is so fab. You will really want more then macaroons.

Two prime locations

2 Prime locations
Time Warner Center
New York City

Rockefeller Center
New York City
Pick 3  Macaron cafe
Slide 3

Pick 3. Macaroon  cafe

It has the most variety of macaroon in the city . I just love it. My favorite one is caramel and the peanut butter.

macaron parlourBox of 6 French Macarons

Pick 4. Macaroon Parlor

Like my number 3 pick, this place also has a wonderful unique variety. Its pretty cool to walk in and see all these beautiful creations. Very pricey . Check out the menu below.

Visit us at 111 St. Marks Place

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