What to do with cookie crumbs

What to do with cookie crumbs 
Stale cookies or graham crackers, broken cake or the last piece of cake nobody wants because they stuff their tummy with  it earlier, can be very useful. You don’t want to waste anything. The cost food of high quality food can be very expansive.Add in recipes or crust. Use to decorate. You want to separate cookies and cake. First, make crumbs with cookies and cake by using whatever appeals to you. Food processor, or put in bag and crush by hand. Second, store in large steal tub.

How to use the crumbs ?
Cookies and graham crackers {separate by flavor}
Cheesecake crust is the easiest choice. Just press crumbs onto the bottom of the pan. Cookies truffles are best. If you have oreos you can sprinkle on top of the chocolate coating. Layer bars are also great to make.
Decorating with the cookie crumbs are very useful and inexpensive. I used cookie crumbs to decorate my brownie bites .Sprinkle over pie or tart crust for flavor or soaking extra liquid.


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