Sunday night dessert: Dulce de leche shake

Dulce de leche shake

Sunday night dessert: Dulce de leche shakes

I wanted to try this recipe since I found it a few months ago and my nephew loves milk shakes. So, I figured I give it a try. WOW. It’s was so creamy and thick. I love anything dulce de leche anyway. But, I didn’t think that I would like it  in a shake. I wanted to used the philadelphia indulgence dulce de leche, but it wasn’t thick enough. So, I just made it you can make with nestle dulce de leche. Or you can make your own.{recipe below}  Because, I wanted to be really thick. Who doesn’t like a thick shake?  Enjoy.

2 cups of ice cream {vanilla or dulce de leche}
2 tablespoon of  of milk
1 can of nestle dulce de leche { used 1/4 less if you don’t want extra thick}

In blender,  place ice cream. dulce de leche and milk.Cover blend on high until smooth.Stopping to scrape down blender if necessary. Remove and place and cups. Garnish with whip cream, chocolate or anything you want. Enjoy.

Makes two or three serving.