Fudge chocolate chip cookie Milkshake

Thirsty Tuesday’s  Fudge chocolate chip cookie milkshake
Super chocolatey, super thick, super easy, chocolate chip cookie  milkshake . This milkshake hits the spot on a extra hot day here in the city. You can also use it as a back to school good grades, good behavior treat.
View from up top.  YUM

  • 2 1/2 cups of chocolate fudge ice cream
  • 2-3 cups (about 8) freshly baked and crumbled  Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 1 cup milk  


1.Place ice cream, cookies and  cup milk in blender; cover. 
2. Blend until smooth. If a smoother shake is desired, add some additional milk. 
Top it off with with some fudge syrup Yummy !

Oreo Cheesecake milk shake

I’m in new york city and it’s extremely hot today ! So, today’s post is something that will cool you off.
Oreo ‘cheesecake milk shake thick and creamy ! AHHH…… so good. Low-fat ice cream and milk.
With  neufchatel cream cheese. Quick, easy and delicious !
Enjoy !


12-15 Oreo cookies 
2 cups of low-fat milk
2 cups of low-fat ice cream
4 oz. {1/2 of 8-oz. package} neufchatel cheese, cubed, softened
1 tsp of vanilla extract


1 Chop 4 Oreo finely and set aside.
2.Take remaining cookies and place in blender. Then add milk, ice cream, cream cheese and vanilla and blend until smooth.
3.Pour into each glass and top with chopped cookies . Serve immediately.

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